A Word From HFH CEO and Board Chair

Uncategorized / November 10, 2021


Harford Family House is built on the premise that maintaining familial bonds is critical to the success of our clients. It is no surprise, then, that there is an equally strong emphasis placed on the relationship between the HFH CEO and Board of Directors. This connection is fundamental to ensuring that the mission and vision of HFH are well supported and evolve according to the needs of our community. There are open lines of communication and consistent idea sharing that facilitates good thought-work around what it means to be the ‘start to finish’ solution to end homelessness in Harford County.

With that said, the CEO and Board of Directors are actively working on the next step for our organization, which focuses on ensuring we can respond near immediately to the needs of all types of clients – those who require emergency shelter, youth who age out of the foster care system, etc. This level of responsiveness means having appropriate housing units to transition clients from emergency to affordable housing as their circumstances stabilize. And, ideally, having additional space for on-site programming, including workforce development, to address the holistic needs of clients. The CEO and Board are using the coming 2021-2022 year to action on much of the Strategic Plan to continue moving HFH in this direction. It is the communication between the CEO and Board that ensures we will stay on this path and ultimately get to our destination, which is as an organization that can be the ‘one stop’ for those experiencing homelessness in Harford County. But we cannot accomplish this alone – your help is integral as we grow and your expertise and involvement is needed as we craft the future of HFH. Indeed, the relationships we have with all of you comprise the HFH extended family and we are thankful for your continued support. With communication as the key to our success, we’d love to talk more with you about our plans, so please feel free to reach out: rtomechko@harfordfamilyhouse.org | emosser@harford.edu

Robin Tomechko, CEO
Elizabeth Mosser, Board Chair


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