Do Harford County’s Families Make Enough?

Blog / June 14, 2019

Do you know the annual income needed for a family of four (two adults, two children) to attain a modest, yet adequate, standard of living in Harford County? $89,496, according to the Economic Policy Institute. That equates to roughly $7,500 needed per month!

The problem? Average annual total household incomes in Harford County total $83,4457% less than what’s required to live comfortably, according to Data USA. Many families are one missed paycheck, layoff or unexpected medical bill away from finding themselves no longer able to afford food for the month, childcare – or, even worse – their rent or mortgage payment. Just ask Donna Blunt, a former resident of Harford Family House.

“When Harford Family House took me and my grandson in last year, we were very afraid and depressed,” Donna admits. “I had no job, no money and was one month away from having my car repossessed. I had never in my wildest dreams ever thought we would be homeless.”

With the help of housing, resources and support provided by Harford Family House, Donna has re-established her independence. She now has two jobs, is living in her own mobile home she is in the process of purchasing, is working toward her Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and her grandson is thriving.

When times are tough and families need support, Harford Family House is here to help. However, in order for us to continue offering our programs and services, we need YOUR help. With a financial gift to Harford Family House today, more of Harford County’s families with children experiencing homelessness can re-establish their independence. To learn more about our work or give a gift, visit


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