Taking Back Summer for Children Experiencing Homelessness

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Blog / September 14, 2018

Children look forward to summer all year as a break from school, a time for vacation and a whirlwind of fun outdoor activities. But, what fun is there to be had and what places are there to go when your family is experiencing homelessness and struggling financially? The inability to afford necessities such as a roof over your head, food on the table, or even clean clothes puts a serious damper on a child’s ability to enjoy their summer break.

At Harford Family House, we believe ALL children deserve to experience summer with a sense of excitement, not despair. Through Camp Happy, a four-week long summer camp created by the organization WeCancerve and its founder, Grace Callwood, children between the ages of 6 and 13 were provided a safe, nurturing environment to do what they do best: learn, grow, and have FUN.

Thanks to our community partners like WeCancerve and another partnering organization, Empower4Life, kids at Harford Family House experienced activities such as dancing, horseback riding, Zumba, yoga, cooking, soccer, poetry, nature walks, STEM projects, pool parties and mini golf…the list is seemingly never-ending!

For those served by our organization, Camp Happy was more than just four weeks of fun for the kids. It was also an opportunity for the adults served by Harford Family House to continue working on their goals toward independence. It allowed parents to apply for jobs, learn new skills and connect with other Harford County resources without having to worry about how they were going to afford child care while trying to get back on their feet.

You see, homelessness is something that can happen to anyone, at any time. Many of us are one paycheck or medical problem away from losing our homes. It is for that reason that Harford Family House and the supporters of our organization are so critical to our community. Without the support of our donors, volunteers, board members and community partners, programs like Camp Happy would cease to exist.

Now that Summer has officially ended (can you believe it’s almost mid-September already!?), the next chapter of children yearning for “normalcy” is in full effect. To learn how you can help, contact Harford Family House today.



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