Apartment Sponsors

Move inOne of the many ways you can make a difference in the life of a family with children experiencing homelessness is through an Apartment Sponsorship. This provides a community connection and extra layer of support to the families in our programs. You can sponsor a family by yourself, with your family, or with a group. Many of our apartments are sponsored by a faith-based community. Check out Friends of Harford Family House for a current list of our Apartment Sponsors.

Below is more detailed information about the role and responsibilities of apartment sponsors.

Your role will be to provide a family experiencing homelessness with a tangible connection to their community that will help them begin the process of achieving self-sufficiency. You will walk alongside the family and encourage them throughout this journey in their lives.

Commitment Level
We ask for a minimum of a one year commitment, with monthly contact either in person, by phone, or in writing.

Potential Duties/Expectations

Prepare apartment/house for the incoming family, which includes:

    • Light housekeeping
    • Restocking the unit with linens/dishes/etc. from the HFH storage room
    • Stocking the unit with cleaning supplies from HFH storage room
    • Optional: provide a welcome gift that could include gifts for children or a gift card to a local grocery store (Shop Rite, Mars, or Walmart)
    • We encourage you to make contact with the family within 1-2 weeks of admission.

Assist the families:

    • During holidays – this could mean purchasing gifts and/or preparing meals
    • During birthdays – this could also mean purchasing gifts and/or baking a cake
    • Other needs as able in coordination with the case manager

Support the family throughout their stay within the program by:

    • Making periodic telephone calls
    • Scheduling periodic visits
    • Prayers
    • Inviting them to community activities
    • Attending children’s sports events or concerts
    • Sending cards and notes of encouragement

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